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From August 6 to 9, you can experience original, authentic art and be part of one of the best live music festivals in the state of Wisconsin. The Music Mile is the first annual Appleton Wisconsin Music Festival, the largest music festival in Wisconsin! We know all the great local bands that need to be covered live, but this is a great opportunity for you to perform in front of your friends, family and friends from all over the world.

Whether you are an indie rocker, jazz or folk fan, there will certainly be a singer who will arouse your interest, whether rock band, jazz band or folk band. The focus is on presenting largely undiscovered tour musicians and bands with artists you might not know, but should. Since all live music is 100% covered - free of charge - you will have a great time at the festival. Almost everywhere, someone writes about a band, our readers tune in to comments, in which they share their enthusiastic memories.

There is even a substantial AllMusic biography for Soup, with all information from the band's official website and Facebook page. The bio tells of a line-up change, in which they finally included drummer Dave Faas and changed the name to Private Property Digil. Willems brought Nashville-based touring artist, singer, songwriter and guitarist Chris D'Agostino to his founding team.

Yankus began session work and played with groups like White Duck, which had a connection to Wisconsin, but also with the fame of John Hiatt. When Hiatt's solo career began, Yanksus moved to Nashville and Faas became a bassist. Over the next decade he also formed a few other bands of his own and played in sessions for various nationally released albums. In the mid-1990s, after Fa joined forces to form Soup, replacing bassist and drummer Rob Griffith, they formed Private Property Digil.

The trio quickly gained a reputation and began to gain attention in the music industry, playing shows in Wisconsin, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Nashville.

Of the 91 new acts hired for Sixth Mile Music, 117 of whom will return to the festival, 65 of the hired bands are from Wisconsin and the rest from 30 other states.

It is something for the whole family, with live music, food, beer, wine and a variety of food and drinks.

If you need a break from the Christmas music, check out this child-friendly Christmas podcast while you're driving. Ben's Wish in Appleton launched a Christmas Light Show Make-A-Make in 2019, and will return in 2020 with funny songs and coordinated lights. Rotter Family Lights in Green Bay will feature live music and various activities for children and adults until November 2020 (updated daily).

So come and show what you have, take a selfie at the booth and see some of the best photos from this year's Appleton Music Festival in the Green Bay area.

Stay tuned to see if there are any local bands living in Appleton tonight and taking cover.

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Your friendly bartender will welcome you on the spacious terrace and inside to lift up a chair with a group of close friends and prepare for a great evening with live music and good food and drinks.

The music shop, which has a complete range of musical instruments and accessories, is also a meeting point for the community. For 40 years, the Bergstrom Mahler Glass Museum in Neenah has hosted an annual art festival in July that combines live music, visual arts and food. The festival features a variety of artists of different styles and musical styles from across the country as well as local and national artists. He explained that the event had become so popular that the organisers had to go through over 500 applications from performers.

There is no shortage of tempting food in Appleton, with a wide selection of casual and fine food. The goal is always to put a smile on people's faces and to raise funds for Oshkosh's pantry.

Fox Cities are fun to explore, hip-close to the streets, where poetry is carved into the sidewalks, where street art, artwork and art installations by local artists are on display. The extended family-friendly music education also includes 30 events and workshops offering a variety of interactive experiences, including bucket drums, Balinese and gamelan. Musical acts include Sturgill Simpson and Butch Vig, who plays with the Emperors of Wyoming, as well as local bands.

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