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Located on the banks of the meandering Fox River, Appleton combines metropolitan lifestyle with the ambience of a small town. The annual Applefest, one of Wisconsin's most popular fall festivals, is held in June, so it's great to look for great fall activities in Wisconsin. This falls into the category of "best lake inWisconsin," and AppleFest in Appleon is a must if you're looking for a fun Wisconsin fall festival.

The event is public and makes Appleon one of the best free activities in the state of Wisconsin and across the country.

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley campus is run by the state university system. Outagamie County and Fox Cities offer a variety of sporting events, concerts, sporting events and other activities for all ages and abilities.

Oshkosh is also home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where students seek a range of associate degrees and certificates. Visitors can enjoy the many music and arts events taking place at the college and wander the campus, which stretches on both sides of the Fox River. It is a two-year campus where all students can meet general requirements and obtain a Bachelor's degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) or a Master's degree in Education.

If you know a must-visit restaurant in Wisconsin, please nominate it for a chance to be introduced. You can even plan a day trip to Green Bay and do some cool things in and around Green Bay, such as hiking, visiting children's museums and skiing. If the visit is timed right, you can spend a romantic evening at one of the many cool Things to Do Wisconsin winter events, while candlelight, snowshoeing and ski slopes are just a few. We can even go hiking, visit children's museums or ski with friends and family in winter.

This is the perfect place to spend a day with the family and wander through a maze to get to know the butterfly species native to Wisconsin. If you don't mind trying the best craft beer, Lion's Tail is also a place to go for a fun day out with friends and family. Surrounded by the most popular hiking trails in Wisconsin, this area is a great place for a vacation perfect for outdoor lovers.

Fox Valley also has some of the best golf courses in Wisconsin, including Chaska, which is recognized as the best public course in the state. Further out in Outagamie County is the largest golf course in the world, the Fox Valley Golf Course.

Appleton is a shopping mall and also houses the Appleton Kids Build-a-Kids Center, a children's museum and playground located in the bustling downtown area of the city. The city also boasts some impressive public art, including a large sculpture of the Wisconsin State Capitol and the State Capitol Building, as well as a number of public art installations.

The children's farm in Plamann Park offers children the opportunity to watch young farm animals in beautiful parkland, and the Memorial Park Arboretum and Gardens displays a variety of native trees and plants from Wisconsin. The nature reserve includes a wide range of educational and fun activities in Appleton, from hiking and cycling to hiking, camping, fishing and more. Perched on an incredible limestone cliff, the park area offers beautiful views of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building and downtown. Step out of your car into the beautiful park and you will feel like you have stepped into another world -- a must for every Wisconsin resident.

If you want to experience romantic things in Appleton, why not enjoy a couple massage at one of the local thermal baths? If you love nature and have some time left, consider a hike in beautiful Door County, just an hour's drive from Appleon.

The 18-county area of northeastern Wisconsin is known for its scenic views of the Great Lakes and the Wisconsin River. Located in the heart of Door County, just an hour and a half's drive from Milwaukee, Appleton is a great place for a weekend or longer trip. Located a few miles north of Milwaukee and about two hours "drive south of Green Bay, this is one of Wisconsin's most popular tourist destinations and the perfect destination for an overnight stay, day trip or night in town.

Fox Cities, which includes surrounding communities and villages, is the focus of the region's trade and industry, and is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the state's largest public university. The four-year college of business and management school at the university is the highest rated in the state and offers a wide range of options for students as well as families a variety of educational opportunities, such as a high school, college, university or community college. There are more than 1,000 public and private colleges and universities in Wisconsin, many of which are in the top 10 percent of all colleges in their respective states.

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